12 Day Challenge Terms & Conditions

Aaron Taylor @ 2018-03-05 21:47:07 +1300

No Ugly is so good that we reckon it’d be near on impossible not to feel gorgeous after 12 days. So to get your money back you’ll have to be prepared to prove your ugliness!

The No Ugly fine print:

  1. No Ugly must be purchased online at nougly.nz and is limited to refunds on purchases of one case or crate per person entering the challenge.

  2. Every participant in the No Ugly Challenge must prove they’ve consumed at least one bottle of No Ugly each day, preferably in the morning.

  3. The No Ugly challenge pertains to people who feel less than gorgeous due to the effects of casual drinking, too much stress, exercise or lack of sleep. It doesn’t pertain to people who are sick with illness, injury or have been on three-day benders.

  4. Notify us by email, feedback@nougly.nz within 14 days from the date on your invoice if you’re not feeling gorgeous.

  5. Schedule a telephone conversation explaining why you didn’t feel gorgeous, detailing all the activities you’ve been doing for the 12-day period that might have made you feel ugly.

  6. Agree to a face-to-face interview so we can look at the whites of your eyes to tell that you’re not lying. After all, lying is ugly.

  7. Upon completing that, we’ll happily refund your money instantly.

  8. The No Ugly Challenge Money Back clause is only available to people who have signed up to the challenge.

  9. A refund will be made in the same tender as the original purchase.

  10. This guarantee is really designed to prove that if you take No Ugly every day you’ll feel a lot better than if you didn’t. So don’t be a dick about it.